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This page is dedicated in loving memory to my beloved husband DAVE MILLER. May you soar with the angels my love.

January 16, 1935-August 9, 2015

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David My Beloved Husband

Joan and Reg Moignard

John Moignard

Eric and Lily Moignard

Phil and Edna Moignard

Jim and Maureen Moignard

Clarence "Mog" Moignard

Clarence and Ivy Moignard

Gwen and Syd Moignard

Roy Grant

Roy Moignard

Reginald Hickey

Joan Hickey

John Hickey

Renee Hickey

Tom Hickey

Edgar Hickey

Doris and Bert Doe

William and Daisy Hickey

Shirley Macey

Stephen Macey

Alf Macey

Donald Miller

Cora Miller

Harold "Haz" Anderson

Theresa Miller

Bertha Schremser

Katy and Bill Eley

Phyllis Kaye

Al and Mae Awad

Hazel Tal

Michael Deveau

Vicky Littlefield Lachappelle

George and Lois Littlefield

Hugh and Nancy McCarthy

Mona and Frank Dopson

Alfred Morey

Beverly Morey

Steven Morey

Paul Hewson

Ken and Margarita Ffitch

Stuart and Joan Silowitz

Frances Harris Line

Paul Brown

Grandma and Grandpa of      Darrell and his Cousin

Dan and Stephanie's Mom

Charlotte and Bob Hall

Baby M.

Baby H.

Douglas Jones

Joseph and Annie Vicas

Phil Engratt

Fran McCarthy

Mark Halleck

Colin Halleck

Marilyn Halleck

William Halleck II

Jon Babb

Alan Brisson

Randy Morgrage

Daphne (Copps) Eveleigh

Betty (Copps) Avis

Vera Hazeldene

Julie's Partner Peter

Ed Moreira



Ngaire Phillips

Rita and Gene Kempinski

Gaynor Johnston

Eileen Clara Tucker

Garth McArley

Diane Fusco

Francine Gould

Paul Byers

Torie and Ryan & Mama

Dana John Oakley

Rayla, Judith, Jennifer

Janine, Sebastian, Skylar

Connie, Julia, Paul, Bay and Kathy

Ruperto, Vera, Dian, John

Chantelle and Natalia

Jean Miller

Elffie Miller

Ernest Miller

Christopher Sharp

Robert Dyer

Lillie Barthold

James Ray Miller

Barbara F. Rising

Mum "Z" Zemko

LIsa Nickerson

Lil' James Betts

Lynn Dale Miller

Larry Wolf

N.J. Murray

Kimbrew "K-Dub" Greene

Sylvia Bowes

Gwen Phillips

Jeannette Phillips

Sydney Bowes

Dana John Oakley

Laura Lurlene Fredrick

Tommy Gower

Christine Darnell

Peggy Lovett and Leonard G. Lovett

Ronald Gaynor

Earl C. Parr

Randall J. Johnson

Victims in Irael and Pakistan

Birdie M. Parr


Patsie Van Jaarsveld

Harold Van Jaarsveld
Edward Kittredge
Anton Akkerman
Laurie Farmer
Earl Williams
Danielle Monica Bertrand
Stan Lawrence
Pter Paradiso
Frank Victor
Tina Gray

Robert M. Attwood

Margaret McCarthy

Ruth L. Mackie


Kathy Kadar

Susan Butler


Elizabeth Crago

Mary Lilly

Luann Holzschuh

John McCarthy

Michael Joseph Lynch

Dora Irene Garcia

Jae Ziegler Smith

Theodore John Bashta

Gladys Nelson

Fred Nelson

Edward Butler

Kelly Seely

Larry Seely

Richie Stern

Lillian Stern

Joe Gordon

John Mattson

Ida Gordon

Octavia Brown

Phil Weiner

Robin's Sister

Amm bloom

Carole Gossman



Michael Vogel

Sara "Mildred" Lynch

Chad Rodriguez

Nadia Rodriguez

Lydia Frederick

Tara Stout

Baby Avery

Mildred Lynch Sweeney

"Our Baby" Robert Jon Mattson

John Alexander Bashta

Cindy Fraser

Ruth L. Mackie

Elizabeth Crago

Mary Lilly

Dora Irene Garcia

Stanley Lent

Arthur Pignataro

Wayne Beebe

Mark Hogan

Jen Colella

James "Jimi" Egan III

Dennis & Marjory Hyland

Cody Adin Burrows

Thomas E. Donovan, Jr.

Donna Sprague

Abby Wolfson

Mary Weytovich Bashta

Rengan Muthusamy

Wilfredo Quinones Sr.

Wilfredo Quinones Jr.

Howard Greiner

Gustavo Gonzalas

Anna Agar

Ida Gordon

Margie Sutton

Jerry Feldstein

Baby Aveery

Burton Goldburg

Gary Joseph

Tara Stout

Phil Weiner

Alice Wolfe

David Richardson

Lydia Frederick

Joe Furcht

Robin's Sister

Anna Anton

Frank Zito

Richard Zito

Mary Zito

Carl and Grace

Sara "Mildred" Lynch

Victims in Afghanistan

Victims in Iraq

Beth and her two girls

Leslie Bungard

Michael J. Nunez

Gene Kempinski


Jasper Wood

Lee Mansfield

Edna Wood

Myrtle Painter

Betty Jean

Lee Emerson

Terry Moser

Maureen Workman

Kevin Newkirk

Tina (mother), Ronnie (sister) of Peet

Bertha Coogan

Mohini Mehra

Lenette's Mother

Robin Williams

Stefon Watkins

Pamela Watkins

Elzy Stephens

Mattie Stephens

Sheila's Mother

Helen Schlagheck

John Andrews

In Memoriam

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High Flight
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings sunward
I've climbed 
and joined the tumbling mirth
of sun-split clouds
and done a hundred things you have not dreamed of --
wheeled and soared and swung
high in the sunlit silence.
Hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung my eager craft through footless
halls of air 
up, up the long, delirious, burning blue, I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,
where never lark, nor even eagle flew.      And, while with silent,
uplifting mind I've trod
the high, untrespassed sanctity of space, put out my hand
and touched the face of God.
RCAF Flight-Lieutenant John Gillespie Magee Jr.
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